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Nyona Kuehs

Many of our sweets are generally known as kuehs, which are deserts found in the Malay Archipelago. They can be considered as snacks and are eaten throughout the day, and they form an integral part of Malaysian and Singaporean festivities and everyday life (Kuih 2010).  These kuehs are considered to be ‘Nyona kuehs’ (often spelt as ‘Nonya’) and are considered to have originated from descendants of 15th century Chinese traders to the Malay Archipelago, whom had assimilated with the local communities and are called Peranakans.

If you are interested in finding more about kuehs and the Peranakan culture, feel free to peruse the following internet sources:

  1. About the Peranakans
  2. Kuih
Ang Koo 220x146

Ang Koo (Gluten Free)

Chewy red tortoise cake with sweet filling in the centre.

Choice of sweet mung bean,  grated coconut or peanut filling.

Indonesian Layer Cake 220x147

Indonesian Layer Cake

A rich layered cake comprising of butter, sugar, eggs and spices

Kueh Koci 220x147

Kueh Koci

Chewy dough filled with palm sugar and grated  coconut

Ketayap 220x143 Kueh Dadar / Ketayap (CocoCrepes)

Pandan* crepes filled with grated coconut and palm sugar

Kueh Lapis 220x125

Kueh Lapis (CocoSlice - Gluten Free)

A traditional steam layered cake with coconut milk.

Choice of pandan*, coffee or corn flavour.

OndeOnde 220x151

Onde Onde (CocoPops - Gluten Free)

Glutinuous rice flour balls filled with palm sugar syrup and coated with fresh grated coconut


Pulut Inti 220x132

Pulut Inti (CocoTop - Gluten Free)

Steamed glutinous rice topped with palm sugar and grated coconut

Seri Muka 220x146

Seri Muka (Pandan Custard Slice)

Steamed glutinous rice topped with pandan* custard

* Pandan is extracted from a type of monocot plant (Pandanus / Screw Pine family).